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Developed by META 2i and with 30 years of experience in MES, KmExtrusion is the essential tool for your production aluminium workshop

Created and designed with and by industrialists specialized in aluminum extrusion, KmExtrusion is today the leading MES software on the aluminum extrusion market!

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META 2i has 30 years of experience researching and developing supervision systems and applications.

Firstly, dedicated to optimizing industrial production workshops, the expertise continues today in the consulting and publishing its production monitoring and MES software solutions.

KmExtrusion’s applications allow the development of specialized” profession” modules for each workshop. In addition, communication is easy, from the operator to the decision-maker. The result is an optimized and improved industrial information system for the entire production flow.

Thus, thanks to a collaboration between our teams and the field actors of the aluminium industry, we could realize modules adapted to each stage of the production. Today, META 2i continues to work with new customers in the world of aluminium as well as its historical customers to offer the most complete MES solution for the aluminium market.


The tool allows for easier planning and better organization at all levels. Thus, KmExtrusion can manage your workshops at each stage of your production:

KmExtrusion is an adaptive and scalable MES solution specialized in the aluminum industry. It connects your entire company, from ERP to machines.

KmExtrusion is an adaptive and scalable MES solution specialized in the aluminum industry. It connects your entire company, from ERP to machines.

The tool allows for easier planning and better organization at all levels. Thus, KmExtrusion is able to manage your workshops at each stage of your production:

An exchange between ERP and KmExtrusion

Exchanges can be set up between the ERP and KmExtrusion. These exchanges can be done with:

  • A link between the ERP database and KmExtrusion (linked server)
  • An exchange of flat or CSV files that will be injected in KmExtrusion
  • Webservices

They can be executed:

  • Periodically via a scheduled task, a service, or a task in the KmExtrusion database
  • Manually via the KmExtrusion “Gateway” application

These exchanges are done in both directions:

  • From the ERP to KmExtrusion, which will provide :
    • The shapes
    • The indices  
    • The ranges (allowing the management of the tools)  
    • The order book with the OFs
  • From KmExtrusion to ERP which will provide :
    • State of the tools
    • Productions realized at the end of the Extrusion process
    • Production passed to hardness input control

Tools management

KmExtrusion allows you to manage your tools, especially your dies, directly from the software. You will be able to configure the instructions of use for each item. 

Alloys management

You can also configure your alloys from KmExtrusion. The module will record the list of all your alloys and the composition of each of them.


Press Configuration

A screen will allow you to configure your presses, considering all your parameters such as the direction of the extrusion, the different tolerances required, the positioning of the saws.

Instructions adapted to your process will be set up.

KmExtrusion will also configure the reference times. These indications will allow us to calculate the cost of production.

The scheduling

An application allows you to manage the operators’ planning with three displays:  

  • By workshop 
  • By team
  • By machine

The scheduling of the extrusion workshop is also managed from KmExtrusion. This module is presented as follows:

On standby FOs: in this tab, you will find the list of unplanned FOs and synthesis by production order.

Planning:This tab allows you to visualize the different programs in a tree structure and proposes a synthesis by the program. In this synthesis, you will find the Optipresse instructions. 

What is Optipresse ?

Optipresse is a module in KmExtrusion that calculates and determines the most efficient extrusion instructions. This is possible thanks to a unique reference system and industrial intelligence.

This will allow a return on investment (ROI) by reducing costs and waste.

Material reception

The management of receptions from KmExtrusion allows you to have complete control of the reception, a history of the receptions, and complete monitoring of the materials.

The software will offer you the following screens:

  • Material reception Workshop

  • Material reception Office

Tool furnace management

KmExtrusion manages your different furnaces, including the tool furnace, to have a global view of the status of each furnace, the presence or absence of a tool, and its status.

Press Steering

An application for the control of the presses allows to display in the workshop: 

  • The list of the executions available at the press 
  • The list of the executions waiting to be extruded
  • The extrusion in progress

Quality Control

The quality controls can also be done directly from KmExtrusion. You will be able to manage the quality control in a digitalized way according to your needs. This will allow better analysis and permanent traceability. Here are a few examples of quality controls

Containerization / Sawing

An application allows to display in the workshop: 

  • The list of the extrusions waiting to be sawed / put into containers
  • The extrusion in the process of being sawed


When containers are declared with items to be recycled at containerization, they are available at shaping. 

Two types of solutions are managed: 

  • Sorting at the presses: control on the visual aspect of the bars 
  • Rectification or Straightening: Correction of problems encountered (for example : geometry, traction) Depending on the choice made by the operator, the containers are available on the Sorting or Rectif screen.

Revenue furnace

With the workshop screens, the operator can also control the tempering furnaces. 

Information and alerts will be made available to him to control the passage of the containers to the furnace. 

  • In the same way, a traceability will be set up with :
    A history of the load of the furnaces (Start / end / list of containers) 
  • Traceability of the containers (When? Which furnace? How many passages to the furnace?)


KmExtrusion allows automatic and intelligent planning by color shade. To do this, the software groups the FOs by similar shades to save cleaning time in the booths.

The digitization of the lacquering process allows to reduce the error rate and increase productivity. For this, KmExtrusion allows:

  • A camera control at the profile hanging
  • Profile painting thanks to an intelligent order of passage and powder management
  • Unhooking and labeling by a camera control

Powder management

A powder management screen allows you to manage from KmExtrusion:

  • A list of powders grouped by supplier
  • The characteristics of each reference: brightness, tolerance, baking temperature


The anodizing screen allows management of the products to be anodized with optimized planning of the anodization and monitoring the production in real-time.

Package management / Shipping

You will have all the information your operators will need to manage packages on the package management screen. The same goes for the shipping part. The indicators present will be adapted to your needs.

Production synthesis

KmExtrusion will allow you to obtain production synthesis adapted to your needs. Here are some examples of synthesis:

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