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Over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial intelligence

META 2i Company has been an expert in the study and the development of supervision systems and applications for over three decades.

Our Expertise

With a strong focus on the optimization of production workshops, our company has evolved towards the development and the edition of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and production monitoring software, along with a range of consulting services.

Our toolkit integrates the development of specific business modules adapted to the existing manufacturing process, while creating the foundation for new systems. These modules enable a smoother communication between the operator and the supervisors resulting in the significant improvement of the manufacturing information system, be it in a factory or a production workshop.

What is MES software ?

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a concept invented in the 80s. In full expansion especially since the 1990s, it has evolved over the decades and has taken an important place in the process of Industry 4.0.

MES is a production management software, an IT system that, by collecting production data from a plant or workshop in real time, is able to connect, monitor and control complex manufacturing systems and data flows at the workshop level.

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Production control software

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Collect production data in real time

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Connect your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and your workshop

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Analyze production data

META 2i's Vision

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Robots / Cobots

Virtual Reality

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Cloud Compting

IoT (Internet of Things)

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Artificial Intelligence

Our software

META 2i offers several software solutions dedicated to optimizing industrial processes.
Here’s an overview of their main software products they offer :

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KmProd is an adaptive and scalable MES solution that allows you to connect your entire company, from ERP to machines.

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KmExtrusion is an MES software adapted to aluminum extrusion. Benefit from 30 years of experience in this field, from mold management to lacquering and cutting.

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